KITES COMPUTERS incorporated in 20thAug, 2009 has set up its office at PENDURTHI, Visakhapatnam, We aim at an exceptional quality in our service delivery, while maintaining a people friendly culture. Job rotation, career progressing efforts are encouraged by the management. Our clients’ vision becomes ours, as we transform it into reality. Going beyond the contractual obligation, we aspire to deliver more than expected

KITES COMPUTERS have been conducting placement linked training for past Four years with more than 6 Skill Development Centers and have successfully provided placement linked training to more than three thousand youth. The employment percentage is more than eighty percent till date.Our focus is to enhance our reach in providing skill development and Livelihood programs in other backward states including the south Andhra in India.

Our objective is to Empower the Youth by imparting Skills to the needy youth of India, to enable the youth by improving their skills towards a livelihood creation and to contribute theRequired skilled youth for India’s growing economy 


  • ·    Upgrade skills to international standards through significant industry involvement and develop necessary frameworks for standards, curriculum and quality assurance
  • ·    Enhance, support and coordinate private sector initiatives for skill development through appropriate Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models; strive for significant
  • Operational and financial involvement from the private sector
  • ·    Focus on underprivileged sections of society and backward regions of the country thereby  enabling  a  move  out  of  poverty;  similarly,  focus  significantly  on  the
  • Unorganized or informal sector workforce.
  • ·    Play the role of a "market-maker" by bringing financing or viability gap funding, particularly in sectors where market mechanisms are ineffective or missing
  • ·    Prioritize initiatives that can have a multiplier or catalytic effect as opposed to one-off



  • We @ KITES aim to ensure success amongst Youth not only in their career but also aims towards transforming them into better human beings so that they achieve success & happiness during all stages of life. "...
  • There is a compelling need to launch a world class skill development programme in Mission mode that will address the challenge of imparting the skills required by a growing economy. Both the structure and the leadership of the Mission must be such that the programme can be scaled up quickly to cover the whole country."
  • ·    24/7 work due to availability of uninterrupted Power Supplies & other amenities
  • ·    Ability to receive calls from anywhere in the world
  • ·    Equipped for rapid scalability
  • ·    Access control systems
  • ·    well equipped computer laboratory
  • ·    Library facilities-incorporated with latest learning material.
  • ·    Air conditioned classroom facilities
  • ·    Advanced audio visual system
  • ·    Biometric Attendance for Staff and Students